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Audit & Procedural Training Manager¦ Altrincham ¦£25-£30ph¦7 Months

To ensure the understanding and effective implementation of controls across the DDC Business complies with Client & ISO requirements thereby protecting employees, maximising profitability, minimising the risk of financial loss and safeguarding company assets.

Revenue: £164m.


CONTENT OF POSITION: (summary of key deliverables and responsibilities and geographical areas covered)

  • Management of Audit & Procedural Training Team – 4 direct reports

Control Framework

  • Responsible for delivery and integrity of the DDC CSAT submission.
  • Work with the DDC Business to ensure systems & procedures are in place that will ensure all major risks to the business are identified and analysed.


  • Manage the ongoing implementation of systems & procedures to ensure that they remain relevant and the business maintains accreditation to ISO9001.
  • To support the DDC stores network with regard to all systems and procedures.
  • To be responsible for the Store’s Procedure Manual ensuring that all procedures are up to date, relevant and cover areas of highest risk to the business.
  • To review proposed new processes/procedures to ensure they comply with Client’s Code of Conduct and do not put the business at an unacceptable high level of risk. .



Self Assessments

  • To update and issue the Self Assessment questionnaire to stores on a 6 monthly basis ensuring that the assessment covers all areas of risk to the business and reflects any procedural changes.
  • Coordinate the return of the Self Assessment Questionnaires and report results to senior management highlighting areas of particular concern.
  • To coordinate the planning & organisation of Self Assessment reviews to identify any weaknesses at the stores.
  • Report results of Self Assessment Reviews to senior management on a quarterly basis.




  • Coordinate training of all new Store Managers/Assistant Managers in Systems & Procedures, HSE & Security within the first 3 months of employment in order to give them the tools & knowledge to maximise their potential in store.
  • Coordinate with ROM’s and Store Managers to identify any additional procedural training and development needs within the store network.
  • Evaluate training and development progress.



Security Incidents/Fraud

  • Review monthly financial reports to identify potential issues and report to senior management.
  • Create new reports as necessary to identify potential issues

To ensure that potential security issues are investigated and report findings & recommendations to Group Compliance and Senior management in accordance with Group policy.

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