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Main Duties

1.          Provide advice to ensure that procurement activity and commercial decision-making is conducted to the highest possible standard.

2.          Support delivery of Transport Scotland's infrastructure programmes and the procurement aspects of other activities and targets set out in the agency's business plans.

3.          Provide advice and support to delegated purchasers undertaking procurements across the agency's directorates.

4.          Procure certain works and services and manage the various stages of the procurement process from the development of the procurement strategy to contract award and implementation.

5.          Support effective contract management by providing advice to contract managers on matters such as due diligence, contract changes and claims, including the use of disputes resolution procedures such as adjudication and arbitration.

6.          Maintain and update procurement governance systems and records for Transport Scotland and oversee compliance with Transport Scotland/Scottish Government procurement policy.

7.          Organise training for the agency’s delegated purchasers to ensure their knowledge and skills are fit for purpose.

8.          Review model documents for works and services contracts, and sources of guidance on procurement practice

9.          Promote sustainability and community benefits across the agency's procurement activities.


Essential Criteria

1.          A procurement professional with relevant experience in a leading procurement role(s) in construction related environment

2.          A relevant professional qualification such as Chartered membership of appropriate engineering institution or procurement bodies e.g. the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply.

3.          Experience of public sector procurement, including the legislative background, and how to conduct a strategic procurement exercise for high-value/high-risk requirements.

4.          Detailed knowledge and familiarity with of all aspects of EU and Scottish (UK) procurement legislation and practical experience of ensuring compliance therewith.

5.          Understanding of legal framework including potential challenges and proceedings, and the ability to put measures in place to prevent successful challenges to Transport Scotland procurements

6.          Effective written and oral communication skills.


Desirable Criteria

1.          Knowledge of the construction and transport sectors in Scotland, England and further afield.

2.          Good inter-personal skills with the ability to work collaboratively with colleagues and a wide range of stakeholders.

3.          Awareness of collaborative procurement and sustainable procurement.