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Payroll Manager ¦ Working in Trafford ¦ Starting ASAP ¦ £Neg


 To manage the Payroll and Pension Services of the Council and to supervise its work flows.


o   To monitor staff performance in accordance with the Council’s Performance and Development Review process.  To supervise and organise workloads, mentor, motivate, train and develop staff within Payroll and Pension Services.  To answer daily queries from staff.


o   To ensure accurate accounting and control requirements are met in accordance with statutory, audit and management needs, confirming the accuracy of payroll records.


o   To provide accurate, timely information, returns, statements and claims to meet statute as enforced by outside regulatory bodies (Her Majesty’s Revenues and Customs, Unions, Teachers’ Pensions, Greater Manchester Pension Fund).


o   To take responsibility for the authorisation of extremely large payroll and pension expenditure (£100 million plus).


o   To provide and interpret complex financial and statistical management information, giving technical advice on all aspects of payroll matters to officers at all levels across the Council.


o   To work with other service areas within the Council, using advocacy skills where required, to effect with the least organisational attrition the implementation of new payroll policies and procedures.


o   To develop, monitor and maintain the current suite of payroll programs.  To provide a contact point plus technical support to meet the increasing demands of legislation.  To be responsible, on the advent of new legislation, for deciding the composition of software specifications.  To analyse the effect of that new legislation on existing office procedures.


o   To fulfill Council policy, comply with statutory requirements and to ensure the efficient operation of payroll and pension functions.


o   To ensure payroll software integrity and maximise system efficiency by the application of the latest technology available.


o   To develop service improvements and efficiencies through innovation and transformation.    


o   To implement new payroll software/packages establishing interfaces with other major ICT systems of the Council.


o   To develop and implement emergency and/or contingency plans for Payroll and Pension Services. 


o   To provide professional advice and guidance in the development of policies, practices, procedures or systems.  To work with other service areas, such as HR, in the development of broader Council policies and to ensure they are correctly applied to pay.


o   To undertake any other duties commensurate with the post, as assigned by the Head of Service


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