Head of IT Support -London

I.T Industries:
  • Design
Job Type:
  • Temporary
Reference Number: 18715
Greater London, UK


Role: Head of IT Support
Location: London
Pay Rate £350 to £400 per day


By way of background what we are looking for is an experienced IT operations specialist to progress a number of piece of work up until Christmas. The key piece of work are:

a) We are planning to change our Network Supplier to improve the reliability of the system to Microsoft Express Route. This piece of works needs to be planned and coordinated with our external suppliers and procured.
b) We are looking to move the media server in our customer portal to PaaS ,
c) We have an IT Security Improvement Plan which is about 3 quarters complete however the residual items are proving tricky and the SIP needs to be re planned and delivered.
d) In order to meet our capital budget we need to make a decision on replacing our surface pros this year. This needs planning and implementation and will involve selection of possible devices, customer engagement and procurement.
e) Similarly we are considering replacing our LAN hardware and this needs planning as well.
f) We want to move over support of one piece of software (Prism) which is on an on premise server to be supported by our IT provider.
g) Our routine planning Roadmap needs updating to ensure we are up to date with routine work e.g. patching.
h) We want to do a drains up review of our IT Operations


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