ICT Customer Service Manager – Corsham

I.T Industries:
  • Operations
  • Maintenance
Job Type:
  • Temporary
Reference Number: 19789
Corsham, UK


Role: ICT Customer Service Manager
Location: Corsham
Rate: £450 to £500 per day Inside IR35

ICT Customer Service Manager

KI experience is needed for this role, please make sure CVs and coversheets reflect this experience!
Hit the ground running
Primary point of contact for a specific business community for operational service delivery. Working with Demand Account Managers builds long-term relationships with appropriate business representatives and �demand side� IT Directorate by focusing on existing services and understanding changes in business imperatives. Tracks and manages customer expectation and satisfaction, ensuring that agreed services from ICT and supplier communities are being delivered to agreed business and service level requirements. Identifies and responds to opportunities for providing improved services to the business organisation. Provides a senior escalation point and communication channel for major ICT service and change issues.
Key tasks:
Key Responsibilities:
1. Operate the offline DPKI Root Certification Authority (DRCA) (consisting of 10 CA Servers for different classifications, crypto algorithms and environments) every 28 days in alignment with the existing schedule.
a. Issue Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL)
b. Distribute CRLs to Level 1 CA Subscribers on the same day
c. On request and after Authority approval, issue Level 1 CA certificates
2. Operate the Test & Reference and Development DRCA environments as above.
a. This is also every 28 days and is undertaken the day before live.
3. Operate the offline MOD Main Issuing Certification Authority (MMICA) every Tuesday and Friday:
a. Issue CRL
b. Publish CRL on repository web sites
c. Receive Certificate Signing Requests (CSR) and associated CSR submission paperwork from the Registration Authority (RA)
d. Sign CSRs to produce certificates
e. Account for all certificates and return to RA
4. Manage DPKI resources:
a. Maintain all CA (DRCA and MMICA) and RA procedures and associated documentation to be up to date and correct
b. Maintain all communications and notifications with DRCA, MMICA and ARMY subscribers and potential Relying Parties as to the DPKI status
c. Maintain and ensure availability of DPKI Repository web site and its contents (CA certificates, CRLs, DPKI support instructions and Certificate Policies (CP))
5. Support the DRCA approval process;
a. Receive and record Development DRCA Level 1 CA requests and enquiries
b. Support the development and creation of DRCA certificate profiles to meet the requirements of Level 1 CA requests
c. Collaborate with the Applicant and Authority Stakeholders to ensure certificate profiles comply with the DPKI Interface Specification and appropriate CP


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