NRASWA Officer – Wakefield

Technical Industries:
  • Civil
Job Type:
  • Temporary
Reference Number: 10975


Role: NRSWA Officer

Location: Wakefield

Salary: Negotiable 

The key purpose of this post is to support the RASWA and Co Ordination Team Leader in the delivery of the duties contained within the New Roads and Street Works Act and the Traffic Management Act 2004 Specifically this post will be responsible for co-ordinating all work programmes for works within the highway, in close liaison with Highways and Engineering staff, officers in other service areas, private bodies and statutory undertakers. This post will also be responsible for providing day to day technical support and will have the responsibility for monitoring financial systems and payments, and performance management. The post will also providing advice and guidance on established internal policy/legislation and for the implementation of identified service improvements/performance within the RASWA and Co-ordination team.

Key Activities

  1. Undertake duties within Highways Network Management to ensure the effective monitoring and operation of the RASWA and Co-ordination Team, specifically:
  • To support the RASWA and Co-ordination Team Leader in balancing priorities to manage the management and co –ordination of road works across the district.
  • Receive quarterly and annual draft work programmes for works within the highway (e.g. integrated transport, highway maintenance, street lighting, statutory undertakers, PFI partners, regional and national bodies) and agree final proposed programmes.
  • In consultation with all parties, monitor and review works programmes on a regular and continuous basis.
  • Co-ordinate the programmes to minimise disruption to the public, and to the users of the highway.
  • Receive, review, agree and process temporary Traffic Regulation Order applications relating to works on the agreed programmes, e.g.; road and footpath closures, one way orders, right / left turn bans.
  • Receive, review, agree and process Temporary Traffic Light and Lane Closures applications relating to works on the agreed programmes.
  • To meet both internal and external contacts on site and in the office to agree and / or negotiate works programmes and the methods of working whilst implementing such programmes.
  • Develop and implement appropriate public information / media systems in relation to works within the highway.
  • To ensure that financial control and monitoring systems are in place.
  • Responsible for income generation and the issuing of invoices for highway licences, highway permits, sample and defect inspections and over occupation charges, the monitoring of invoice payments and non-payments in order to negotiate and secure payment of all outstanding debt.
  • To support the RASWA and Co-ordination Team Leader deliver the duties under the TMA 2004 and NRASWA including the recovery of fines and charges associated with working on the districts highway network.
  • To act as a point of contact for the Finance Team with relation to RASWA and Co-ordination team.
  • Assist in ensuring that network disruption is kept to a minimum and that road works are carried out effectively.
  • To ensure that Performance monitoring systems are in place to meet with managerial requirements and carry out analysis and present reports as required.
  • Prepare and present reports to management and other audiences as required.
  • Ensure that appropriate processes and procedures are documented, communicated, monitored and reviewed to mitigate risk, ensure consistency and meet data quality requirements.
  • Continuously seek to improve processes by reviewing existing processes and procedures when required.
  • Ensure that contact with Highways Network Management is managed in line with appropriate procedures to ensure effective communication takes place.
  1. Ensure that the services are provided to the highest quality/standard with due recognition of client and customer requirements, in accordance with the Councils Customer Care Policy.
  2. Participate in the team working approach to the allocation of duties.
  3. Establish effective working relationships with officers of other Services Units and Departments to enable the service to play a full and effective role in the corporate working of the authority so that Council objectives can be achieved.
  4. To participate in the development of staff within the service, to ensure that individuals achieve their maximum potential contribution.
  5. Undertake specific management/organisational duties within Highways Network ManagementTransportation and Highways.
  6. Meet the public and representatives of other Service Units and departments as necessary and provide appropriate information on request.
  7. Contribute to the maintenance of good employee relations within the Highways Network Management Service.
  8. Work within recognised safe systems of work at all times.
  9. Adhere to and apply legislation, Council Standing Orders and procedures as appropriate.
  10. To participate in the frequent review of all systems and procedures in operation.
  11. To provide cover to other areas of work in response to changes in the workload and operational requirements.
  12. To represent the Service and/or lead where necessary on internal, corporate and external projects.
  13. Work with colleagues to ensure the office is professionally managed in the absence of line managers. In the absence of the Team Leader the post holder will be required to take full responsibility for the roles and duties of the RASWA & Co-ordination Team and have the supervisory responsibility for four members of staff.
  14. Undertake other duties (with competence and experience) as requested, in accordance with changing organisational directives.



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