Planning Investigations Officer

Technical Industries:
  • Built Environment
Job Type:
  • Temporary
Reference Number: 5190834


Role: Planning Investigations Officer
Company: St Albans City and District Council
Salary: £28p/h

About the job

To investigate alleged breaches of planning control and provide appropriate reports to allow decisions to be made on potential further action. This would include formal enforcement action.


  1. Investigate, manage and report on breaches of planning control, and secure compliance under the Town and Country Planning Acts 1990. Liaise with Development Management Manager, Team Leader, other senior officers and planning officers with regard to the expediency of taking enforcement action.
  2.  Provide expert enforcement/ investigation advice, guidance and interpretation on relevant planning matters to customers, service users and colleagues in line with statutory and service requirements.
  3. Actively carry out site visits and undertaking accurate site monitoring. Record accurate site notes, take photographs and record information on IT systems in order to ensure appropriate enforcement actions can be taken.
  4. Support planning investigation management in undertaking pro-active and robust enforcement project work, to meet corporate objectives improvement and delivery.
  5. Provide appropriate expertise in planning enforcement appeals and planning appeals when required, liaising with the Development Management, Spatial Planning and Building Control teams.  Provide written and oral evidence for  hearings,  Planning (public) Inquiries and Court.



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